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TRVL3080: Dynamics of the Cruise Industry (Parish): Cruise Pricing

Sample Cruise Pricing

  • Most cabins range from $50-$200 per night per person.
  • Remember to factor in airfare, transportation to and from the airport to the port, taxes and other fees
  • Tipping the cruise staff daily is expected. 
  • Cruises also sell drink packages (alcohol, soda, bottled water, etc) that can run anywhere from $50-$350.
  • Visiting the spa, gym, and specialty restaurants will cost extra.
  • Be sure to set aside money for on-shore excursions.
  • Adding all of this up means that a 7 day cruise can cost anywhere from $920 to $3650.
  • The average cost is typically in the $1500-$2000 range.