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TRVL3080: Dynamics of the Cruise Industry (Parish): Anatomy of Cruise Ships

Types and Sizes of Ships

8 Kinds of Cruise Ships:

  • Mainstream -- most common and most well known type of cruise ship that fits the needs of the majority of passengers 
  • Mega -- can accommodate more than 5,000 passengers
  • Ocean -- built to withstand the harsh conditions of the ocean for long or world cruises 
  • Luxury -- equipped with the most sophisticated and technologically advanced systems 
  • Small Cruise -- can accommodate up to a few hundred passengers
  • Adventure -- designed and equipped to visit remote destinations that are inaccessible to larger vessels 
  • Expedition -- might be outfitted with icebreaking hulls or special sonar equipment. This type of cruise can be especially useful to photographers, wildlife biologists, anthropologists, etc.
  • River Cruise -- can accommodate up to a few hundred passengers and are designed to navigate rivers and inland waterways