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FSM2065: Food and Beverage in the Hospitality Industry (Buckley): Food and Tourism


National Geographic defines Geo-Tourism as "tourism that sustains or enhances the distinctive geographical character of a place—its environment, heritage, aesthetics, culture, and the well-being of its residents."


Benefits of Geo-Tourism:

  • Supports integrity of place                

                 >When the community understands the beneficial role of geo-tourism, it becomes an

                 incentive for wise destination stewardship.

  • Benefits residents economically

                    >Tourism revenues in turn raise the local perceived value of those assets.

  • Informs both visitors and hosts

                    >As local people develop pride and skill in showing off their locale, tourists get more

                  out of their visits.

  • It means great trips

                   >Enthusiastic visitors bring new knowledge home, telling stories that send friends

                and relatives off to experience the same thing--a continuing business for the