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LEAD1010 Foundations of Leadership Studies (Jack): Team Project



Each group will be responsible for developing, designing, and presenting a leadership workshop. Each group will select a topic or skill that they wish to instruct the class in and will run the workshop during one of the class periods. Topic selections will be made by the end of the THIRD week of classes.  The workshop should take a minimum of 25 minutes to complete, with time for critique and de-brief after the workshop. The workshop should follow the same format as the methodology for the class (theory, experience, reflection/feedback), although the order may be different depending on the intent of the workshop. Each group can use the medium of their choice to communicate the content and deliver the learning outcomes.  A suggested format for the workshop includes:



Why Important

Key Learning Objectives

Exercise or Learning Opportunity

De-brief and Reflection

Implications for Leadership


All workshops should be self-contained and not require any outside reading by the rest of the class. They should be of a format that allows them to start and finish within the timeframe of one class period, and they must take place in the classroom. Groups will provide the professor with a 3-4 page paper citing the importance of this topic to leadership, why it was chosen, what real-world problems it could likely address, and how you might go about introducing this concept or technique in a large organization.


The importance of participation in this group assignment cannot be over-stated. This interaction provides the basis for several assessments and learning opportunities about teamwork and collaboration that are not replicated elsewhere in the course. These classroom workshops will be scheduled during the trimester. The professor will be available for coaching each team regarding their presentation. The workshop is worth 15% of your final grade.