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HIST3200 American Government (Jack): Writing & Outlines

Why Outline?

Why should we create outlines when writing? It helps you organize the information you are presenting.

  1.  When covering a topic that may cover a range of subtopics or ideas, organizing the presentatation of these ideas into an outline helps guarantee that you are not only covering all the information that you want to present, but that you have presented it in a logical order. 
  2. In many cases, creating an outline helps you present the relationship between different concepts that you are writing or speaking about; by showing these relationships, you may be enhancing the audience's understanding of your work and the ideas that you present. 
Things to think about when creating an outline:
  • What is the purpose of my paper/speech/presentation?
  • What is my thesis?
  • Who is the audience for this writing? 

Writing Tips

Subject Guide

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