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FIT1040 Spreadsheet Design for Business Solutions (Excel Project): Websites

Evaluate Websites

Watch the following video to determine whether a website should be used in your paper:


Applying the CRAAP Test:

Currency: When was the information published? 

Relevancy: Is this material relevant to my research?

Authority: Who is writing and/or publishing this information? 

Accuracy: Can I trust this information to be accurate? Are there factual errors?

Purpose: Why is this being published? To sell, inform, persuade, entertain? 

Useful Websites

Click on the links below to find useful government information abvailable online:

Google Advanced Search

Can't find the information you're looking for in the websites above?  Try using Google Advanced Search. It helps you refine your search by entering specific criteria such as phrase searches, by excluding terms, and by restricting to specific domains (.org, .edu, etc.):

Subject Guide

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