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BPA1010 Fundamental Skills and Techniques: Edible Garden Project

Edible Garden Project

For this class’s homework assignment each student will need to spend time in the school’s edible garden.  From items that are grown you will need to select five (5) different items on which to report.  You will need to take into consideration the following:

Select at least one each:  herb, spice, and fruit; the other two can be from these categories or may include vegetables, ornamental leaves, or flowers.

You will need to research the scientific as well as common name, the entire scientific background, history, native background, transplant (as necessary), propagation and cultivation.  You also need to address how this plant is utilized in kitchens and formulas, and give two different formulas that include said plants, one traditional and one non-traditional for each.  Photos and/or sketches are encouraged but are not required.

The assignment must be turned in using standard MLA format, including type size and font selection, layout, cover page, table of contents, footnotes/endnotes, and citation page.  For each internet or web-based source used, at least one print source must also be used.  The assignment must be bound.

This paper is due in hard copy on Day Seven (7) at the start of class.  If it is handed in late on the due day a 20 percent deduction may be taken.  If it is handed in one day late a 30 percent deduction may be taken; two (2) days late a 40 percent deduction.  If it is turned in after Day 9 no points will be rewarded; however in order to pass the class the assignment must be submitted.  Be mindful of the school’s plagiarism policy.