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ENG1020 English Composition (Opposing Viewpoints): Home

Works Cited Rubric

Please make sure that you review the rubric before turning in your assignment. This will ensure that you have met each of the criteria for which your essay will be assessed.


Welcome to the LibGuide for the ENG 1020 (English Composition) class.


In this libguide, you will find all of the materials and instructions required to complete the research activities related to the ENG1020 research assignment. If you need help, use the "Chat with a Librarian" box on the lower right hand side for immediate assistance (during library business hours).

Research Assignment

Step 1 - Go to the Opposing Viewpoints database.

Step 2 - Find a topic related to your major and select a Viewpoint essay. Do you agree or disagree with its findings? 

Step 3 - Go to the tab for your college and explore the databases. Find 1 trade journal article and 1 academic journal article to support your topic.

Step 4 - Go to the "Is it C.R.A.A.P.?" tab and watch the video. Applying the C.R.A.A.P. test, find one valid website relevant to your topic.

Step 5 - Create an Annotated Bibliography of your sources.

Step 6 - Write 2-3 pages either agreeing or disagreeing with the issue (must include 1 trade journal article, 1 academic article and 1 valid website). 

Your essay will include paraphrases, direct quotes, and summary, and use MLA format, in-text citations, and a works cited page.  

Your sources may not include Wikipedia, dictionaries, encyclopedias; web search engines ( may be used to locate sources, but should not be cited in the Works Cited page.

Trade v. Academic Journal Articles