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The Research Process: Form Keywords

A tutorial on doing research that gets the results you want.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search


  • Limit the number of words in a search-- keywords are best
    • When asking your research question, the keywords are the important terms
    • Use synonyms of your keywords if needed
  • Boolean search connectors:
    • AND narrows the topic
    • OR widens the topic
    • NOT removes part of the results
    • Quotation marks and parentheses help group words together
    • Truncation helps search for similar terms (smok* will result in smoke, smoking, smoker, smokers, smoked, etc.)
      • In Google, use a tilde (~) in front of the word to search for similar terms
  • Advanced Search gives you more options:
    • date ranges
    • type of website or publication
    • reading level
    • file type
    • full text

Finding Keywords