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The Research Process: Organize & Communicate

A tutorial on doing research that gets the results you want.

Organizing Your Paper

Organize and Communicate

Making your sources work

Now that you've found some resources for your paper, here are some things to consider before you start writing:

  • What is the gist of the sources you chose? If you are asking to summarize information on a topic, it's important to understand how to find the main points in each of your sources.
  • Do all my sources agree on the topic? If you are writing on a "hot topic" that has varied opinions on the topic, you may find multiple sources that do not agree. For a summary of the issue, having sources that present multiple sides of the issue is necessary. For arguing an opinion on the issue, looking at both sides is useful for giving a well-developed argument for or against the issue.
  • What are the important points? When putting together a paper, it is important to have "talking points" to back up your thesis statement.
  • Is this enough information for me to defend my thesis statement? If not, you may need to go back and get more information or change your thesis statement to reflect the information you have found.