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FIT1000 Information Technology for Business Professionals I: CRAAP Test

The C.R.A.A.P. Test

CRAAP Test Questions


When was the information written or published?

Has it been updated?

Is it out of date for your topic?

Are the links functional?


Does the information answer your research question?

Who is the intended audience?

Is the information at an appropriate level?


Is the author a person, company or organization?

Is the author an expert on the subject?

Is contact information included?

Does the URL reveal anything? 


Is the information supported by evidence?

Can you verify the information?

Is it peer reviewed?

Does the language seem unbiased?

Are there spelling, grammatical or other typographical errors?


Is the purpose to inform / teach / sell / entertain / persuade?

Do the authors make their intentions clear?

Is the point of view objective?