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Meet Your Librarians: Nicole Covone

Use this guide as an introduction to your friendly JWU Librarians. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

About Nicole...

What is your favorite book in the library?

 A Day at elBulli along with the documentary showcasing the restaurant (now closed :-(), El Bulli : cooking in progress

What is your favorite JWU memory?

JWU Basketball Season - any game

What is your favorite Tech tool?

Twitter (since I have a short attention span)

What library resource do you find most helpful?

The library homepage has been redesigned with the user's needs and vocabulary so it is streamlined and super sleek!

What is your favorite website? is my go-to site for all things celebrity...


Director of Library Services

  • College of Culinary Arts Liaison

  • Instruction

  • Reference

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Adjunct, School of Arts & Sciences

  • Advanced Composition & Communication Skills


  • Master of Arts in Library and Information Science 
    • University of South Florida
  • Bachelor of Science in English Education
    • Florida International University 

Research Interests, Publications, and Presentations


Covone, N. & Lamm, M. (24 July 2014). Collaborate, Engage, Respond: Who’s with Me? SEFLIN Regional Conference 2014, Riding a Technology Wave.


Covone, N. & Lamm, M. (2010). Just be there: Campus, department, classroom…and kitchen? Public Services Quarterly. 6:2/3.

Nicole Covone

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