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MRKT2050 Marketing Research (Muckridge): Market Research & Industry Reports

Company/Industry Research Databases

Database Keywords

These are some helpful terms and keywords to use when searching these databases.

It may help to combine these terms with marketing (or market)

Business Data Processing
Business Intelligence
Case Studies
Comparative Analysis
Consumer Behavior
Consumer Participation
Consumer Preference
Consumer Satisfaction
Customer Relationship
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)
Data Mining
Data Processing
Focus Groups
Market Analysis
Market Intelligence
Market Segmentation
Market Strategy Design
Market Survey
Marketing Data Processing
Marketing Databases
Marketing Research
Qualitative Data Analysis
Qualitative Research
Qualitative Research Methods
Quantitative Data Analysis
Quantitative Research
Quantitative Research Mathematical Models
Relationship Marketing
Research Design
Research Process
Research Statistical Methods
Secondary Research
Strategic Planning