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IBUS2040 International Culture & Protocol (Baumanis): Project Assignment

Tips & Hints

Much of the information you need can be found by using the Find Articles tab and the Country Information tab of this LibGuide.




Objective:  The goal of this project is to research a country where you would like to conduct business.  In addition to researching the history, infrastructure and processes of doing business, you must also identify the country’s cultural values in accordance to Hofstede’s dimensions of culture.   

Your semester project is a 6-part project which will consist of the following:

Part I:  (2%, -2 pages)
a.   Outline of paper
b.   Thesis
c.   Supporting statements
d.   Bibliography – 5 minimum
e.   Full text articles or copies of references.
Part 2:  Historical overview  (Be thorough but concise!)  (4%, 3-5 pages)
1.   Pre-history (Archeological) 
2.   Pre-modern Times (Pre-technology)
3.   Modern Times (Present)
Part 3:Culture/Language (4%, 3-5 pages)
1.   Marriage/Family Systems
2.   Educational Systems
3.   Social Control Systems
4.   Supernatural Systems
5.   Language
4.   High vs. Low Context
5.   Slangs and taboos
6.   Nonverbal communications
   a.   Proximities
   b.   Body postures
   c.   Gestures
   d.   Expressions  
7.   Cultural Values (Geert Hofstede)
   a.   Masculinity vs. femininity
   b.   Collectivism vs. individualism
   c.   Uncertainty avoidance
   d.   Power distance
Part 4: Infrastructure (4%, 3-5 pages)
1.   Economy
2.   Industry
3.   Technology
4.   Political
5.   Business environment
Part 5:  Doing Business (4%. 3-5 pages)
1.   Basic business etiquette and protocol
2.   Ground rules
3.   Basic corporate cultures
4.   Business practices
5.   Legal matters, safety and health
6.   Effective negotiating
7.   Attire and manners
8.   Special advice for women
Part 6:  Final Manuscript (2%)
1.   All edits must be completed
2.   All format components in are in place including required cover page, table of contents, Executive Summary, MLA Format throughout, in-text citations, and Works Cited page. 
3.   Page requirement minimum is 20 pages, maximum 30 pages.

Subject Guide

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