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IBUS2002 International Business (Baumanis): Topic Search

Use this guide to locate books, articles, Web resources, and specific resources for the IB2002 course project.

Getting Started

Not sure of a topic?  Try searching through the databases & websites on this page.  

NOTE: This is not a complete list of databases & websites!  Go to our databases page for our complete list or try searching through news sources, listservs, even doing a Google search to give you ideas.  

Collection of Past Projects

Your instructor has provided previous projects for your review.

Google Advanced Search

Can't find the information you're looking for?  Try using Google Advanced. It helps you refine your search by entering specific criteria such as phrase searches, by excluding terms, and by restricting to specific domains (.org, .edu, etc.):

Databases to get you started

Use the following databases to find general issues related to poverty, health, the environment, education & energy.  

Chat with a Librarian

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