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ILS2325 Economics of Sin: Economics of Drugs

Costs of Illegal Drugs

Healthcare Costs:

> Paying for rehab facilities

> More emergency room visits because of overdoses


Lost Productivity:

> Addiction can lead to job loss


Psychological Consequences:

> Affects brain chemistry

> Affects judgment and reflexes 


Economic Burden of Punishment:

> More tax payer money needed to pay for incarcerated people



Huffington Post

War on Drugs


> More drug enforcement officers needed

> More money is spent apprehending drug dealers and users


Public Safety:

Incarcerating drug dealers/users means:

> Less drugs in cities and towns across the country

> Lowers crime rate

> Less money in the hands of drug dealers and their associates

Substance Abuse Leads to Addiction

Payoff of Illegal Drugs

Tax Free Income:

> Allows for dealers to produce and/or buy more drugs

> Loss of revenue for the government


Drug Effects Gratification:

> Provides mood-altering experiences

> Over time, need more and more drugs to produce the same effect


Social Conformity and Acceptance:

> Drugs/drug culture fulfills needs not being met elsewhere

> Provides a feeling of belonging



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