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FSM2110 Food and Beverage Operations in the Sports, Entertainment and Event Management Industry (Buckley): Websites

Evaluating Websites


  • What audience is it trying to reach?
  •  Is it scholarly or popular?
  • Is there advertising? 


  • Can the author be identified?
  • Is there contact information available?
  • What is the domain? .edu, .gov, .org, .com?
  • If connected to an organization, what is their mission?


  • Are there references?
  • Are there statistics?
  • Does the site have any typos?


  • When was the site published?  Is there a created date?
  • Does the site indicate when last updated?
  • Are there dead links?


  • Does the site present many opinions or facts?
  • Is the site sponsored?  By a company or organization?
  • Is the advertising clearly separate from the content?


  • Is the site easy to understand?
  • Is the site easy to navigate?
  • Is there a table of contents or site index?
  • Does the site offer a search box?
  • Do the graphics add to or detract from the site?


  • Is this site a well-documented source of information from a reputable author or organization?
  • Would this be a good source of information for a research paper?