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CJS4030 Criminal Justice Research Methods (Sabot): Research Proposal Guidelines

Research Proposal Length

  • Be a minimum of 10 pages in length, a maximum of 15 pages.

*From Professor Sabot's Handout*

Keep in Mind

  • Provide the statistical output that you used to analyze your data (staple at end of the paper).

*From Professor Sabot's Handout*

Research Proposal Articles

  • Literature review must have at least 5 academic articles (remember, to find these 5, you are most likely reading at least 10 articles).  Also note that if you have identified a “good” topic (as discussed in class), you are unlikely to find literature already linking your topic.  It is up to you to read the articles and make the link- that is how you are contributing to the field, and to your knowledge base.  Remember that this linking is part of the process of being able to identify, analyze and apply methods!

*From Professor Sabot's Handout*

Research Proposal Citation

  • This paper must be in accordance with the citation format privy to the field of Criminal Justice.  As such, you may use ASA (preferred) or APA.

*From Professor Sabot's Handout*