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Exploring Virtual Reality: 360 ° of Student Engagement: Home

Why Use It?

Virtual Reality offers an immersive experience that challenges students to apply knowledge and skills within an educational framework. Incorporating learning objectives and library resources, students can virtually realize experiences within their majors.

What Is It?

  • vir·tu·al re·al·i·ty

a computer-generated environment that allows for interaction and immersion.

  • aug·men·ted re·al·i·ty

an enhancement of a real environment using technology to overlay imagery or information.


Apps, Software, Hardware

How To Apply It

  • Student worker training
  • Enhanced library maps/tours

Impact @ JWU


Virtual Reality travel apps, such as Orbulus and YouVisit, were explored to support the courses, TRVL 4011 Destination Management Organization and SEE 3170 International Exhibitions & Events. was utilized to create an augmented and virtual reality experience for Work Study Student Employees. A photosphere was created and overlaid with information hotspots to provide training and orientation to the library space.

Nicole Covone, Director of Library Services, Johnson & Wales University,, 305-892-5398


Mia Lamm, Instructional Technologist, Johnson & Wales University,, 305-892-7570