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RTL1020 The Business Of Fashion: Final Project

Project Information

Project Information:

-Choose a designer from the list provided (one designer per person)

 -Conduct primary and secondary research

-Write a 5-page essay about the history of the designer and brand

-Size 12 Times New Roman Font

-Double spaced

-Cover page

-Give a 10-minute (timed) presentation in class accompanied with PowerPoint slides

 -Submit all final documents (PowerPoint and Word), through ULearn.

Off-Campus Database Access

To access databases from off campus, click on the Database Page link below. After you click on your database, you will be asked to enter your university credentials (same as your university email).


Biographical Information

Company/Brand Information

Fashion Databases - Find Articles

Books on Fashion Designers

Looking for books on Fashion Designers? Use these subject headings:

Fashion Designers