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HOSP3075 Hotel Strategic Marketing and Brand Management: Market Research

Company/Industry Information

Use the databases below to find information on the Hospitality company you choose or want to explore.


Use Advertising Redbooks to find out how much companies spend on advertising. This is a great resource for ideas when planning how to advertise your promotional package. MRI+ Reporter provides demographics on consumers and their use of products and media. Use 'Help' options for guided tutorials for both sources.

Market Research

Market research reports provide demographics, emerging trends, and statistics for different markets (hotels, restaurants, travel, etc.). These will help you research you market segment and advise you on trends you can build on.

(Tip: When viewing a market research report, use CTRL F function to search the document for keywords)


These resources provide tools to view demographics in and across specific geographic locations. Know who your customers are and where they live.