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ENG1020 English Composition (Kass): How to Search

Planning Your Search

  • Use keywords instead of sentences
    • Keywords are the important words in the question you are asking
    • Ex: "What changes occur in the brains of adolescents?" 
    • Also use synonyms of your keywords when your search results aren't relevant
  • Advanced Search functions help you narrow down your results:

Finding Keywords

Searching and Topics

Ways to narrow down a topic:

  • Who: Who is involved with the topic?  
  • WhatWhat aspect of the topict?
  • Where:  Where does the topic apply? Is it a local, regional, national, or international event?
  • When:  Is the topic seasonal or historical? Is it a current trend?
  • WhyWhy is this topic important? If it's an event or trend, why does it happen?

Things to Think About When Searching

  • Am I finding articles that agree on the topic?
  • Are the articles giving multiple opinions on the topic?
  • Do I have enough information?
  • Are the articles related to each other? 
    • Are they talking about the same subject? If not, are these subjects related?