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MGMT3050 Compensation and Benefit Management (Baumanis): HR & Business News Websites

CRAAP test - Evaluating Information

When using websites in your research, use the CRAAP test to evaluate the validity of the information.

CRAAP stands for:

Currency - When was the information written or published? Has it been updated? Is it out of date for your topic? Are the links functional?

Relevance - Does the information answer your research question? Who is the intended audience? Is the information at an appropriate level?

Authority - Is the author a person, company or organization? Is the author an expert on the subject? Is contact information included? Does the URL reveal anything?

Accuracy - is the information supported by evidence? Can you verify the information? Is it peer reviewed? Does the language seem unbiased? Are there spelling, grammatical or other typographical errors? 

Purpose - Is the purpose to inform/teach/sell/entertain/persuade? Do the authors make their intentions clear? Is the point of view objective? 

HR News & Websites

The following links are recommended HR related websites.

Subject Guide

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Business News Sites

Links to business-related news sources.