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Textbook Access & OER: Textbooks / Publishers

During COVID-19, publishers are expanding their access to digital materials for students and instructors. This is an evolving list of resources of Open Educational Resources.

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Tips for Access

Instructors: Reach out to your publishers. Many will work with you to provide access for your students.

You can try this language when you reach out:

With spring break falling when it did, our students needed to evacuate abruptly from their living arrangements, either on campus or elsewhere. We find ourselves in a crisis where some students, through no fault of their own, do not have access to the textbooks they purchased.

We are hoping that in light of this pandemic, __________ may be able to provide digital access for the short remainder of this term to this text(s) for our students in crisis. We continue to be a loyal customer of ___________ across our four JWU campuses spanning four states. We look forward to a continued partnership through this crisis and afterward.

Be prepared to answer questions: how many student need access, the anticipated end of term date, your course info and university, and textbook ISBN.

Textbook Publishers Open Access