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MLA Style 8th edition: Citing Sources & You


*MLA Style has changed. The Modern Language Association has updated their manual to the 8th edition.*

MLA Handbook, 8th Edition

Available to use at the library or for purchase at the JWU Bookstore.

Why do we have to cite our sources?

Plagiarism is a serious offense (refer to JWU handbook). Therefore, all papers which use information from any source must be documented correctly. In an effort to standardize the format for the research paper throughout Johnson & Wales University's undergraduate program, the English Department has created this guide. This guide indicates the appropriate form for layout, parenthetical documentation/attribution and works cited page as specified by the Modern Language Association (MLA).

Please note that the newer, easier to use parenthetical documentation and or attribution should replace the more complicated endnotes or footnotes. In addition, Works Cited is the term which should replace Bibliography. Works Cited is a more inclusive term since it encompasses all types of sources, such as lecture notes, videos, computer programs and online sources.

All students at Johnson & Wales University are taught this procedure during their freshman year in ENG 1020 and the method is reinforced in other Freshman Studies courses.

Since this guide has been designed to be brief and easy to use, it is hoped that all faculty will adhere to this format when assigning papers which must be documented, and all students will attend to the details which correct documentation requires.

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